Classical Persian musical traditions


The theory of the Persian-Azari maqam

The course will focus on the development of the theory of classical middle eastern music in various geographic areas, notation of accidentals, the usul and the maqam as fundamental elements of middle eastern music, the beat as a rhythmic formula and characteristic musical forms. The course will include the active participation of students in listening to musical pieces.


Introduction to classical Persian musical traditions

The course will introduce students to classical Persian music. Listening to pieces will be accompanied by explanations about the music in particular and the culture in general.


Fundamentals of classical Persian music

Students will learn music theory, the dastgah, the avaz, rhythms, musical forms and more.


Analysis of classical Persian music

We will analyze the different components of classical Persian music while doing guided listening, such as musical structure, the dastgah, the avaz, caharmezrab, and more.


Playing the santur

We will learn about the classical ancient Persian instrument, the santur, from both a theoretical and a hands-on point of view. We will play classical pieces in a private lesson and in ensemble.  


Playing the Tar

Learn how to play the tar, a Persian pluck instrument, both practically and theoretically. You will learn to perform classical  Persian pieces - solo and in ensemble 


Playing the Ney

The Ney is a Persian bamboo flute found in many Middle Eastern traditions, and is one of the oldest instruments still being used today.In this class you will learn how to play the Ney, theoretically and practically, and how to perform classical Persian pieces in solo and in ensemble.


(Playing the Zarb (Tombak

The Zarb is a classical Persian percussion instrument that can be used as a solo instrument and to accompany other instruments. 

In this class you will learn the different classical structures and rhythms used in Persian classical music. You will learn how to improvise within the classical rhythms, some classical singing, and about the different elements of Persian classical music.


Classical Persian vocal music

This course will focus on classical Persian vocal music, with attention to musical structures and to the required vocal technique.


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