Eastern Jewish Music



Eastern Jewish musical traditions



The Jewish musical repertoire

We will study music from different traditioins: Yemenite, Iraqi, Moroccan, Syrian, Sephardi (Spain, Portugal). In addition you will become familiar with synagogue singing, daily songs, improvisation, women's singing and Jewish holiday songs.


The piyyut and the niggun  in synagogues of the Middle East

(Lecture and workshop) 

Studying traditional Jewish sacred music from ancient times till today – both instrumental and vocal.


Reading the Torah (Sepharadi-Yerushalmi tradition)

(Lecture and workshop) 


We will learn “Ta’amei ha-miqra” or the “te’amim” (trope) -  signs written or printed in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible (or Tanakh) above or below the words. We will focus on  understanding the maqam and the melodic elements, on the singing of the trope and then will apply this to the chanting of the biblical text itself.


Piyyutim and Bakashot of Shabbat

(Lecture and workshop) 


We will learn piyyutim (sacred poetry) and the bakashot with an understanding of the maqam and the melodic and structural elements, and will work on the performance of piyyutim and bakashot.


Ladino vocal music

Private and group lessons in which we will learn pieces from the Jewish Ladino repertoire from various countries in the Middle East.

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