Yemenite Music



Yemenite Music


The Jewish Yemenite music is an inseperable part of daily life and is used in prayer, holidays, weddings and shabbat.




Nashid is a poem built on the principals of classic arabic music. Its many columns are divided into two equal halves.


The characteristic of the nashid is slow and of serious nature and is sung by the entire crowd divided in two groups, as the two colums of the poem.


The nashid's melody is peaceful, ornamented and is sung in a sacred serious manner.


Its is used as a symbolic religous overture to the yemenite singing and dance, and is written in biblical hebrew.




Shira is a form of poem similar to the sefaradic hebrew poems.

This form of poetry is more cheerful and suitable for dance because of the structure of the poem-rhymed short columns. 

This type of poem is sang in aramaic, arabic and hebrew




Zaffa are poems that were used for "hinna" ceremonies and weddings to accompany the groom to his house.These poems are short and honor  the bride and groom.  



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