2001,  29, May

"…Finally, as one who follows the development of the Center since its humble beginnings, I cannot but express my admiration for its achievements and for your indefatigueable energy and dedication

as its founder and director…"




1999 , 22, June, 

"…I am pleased to recommend your Center, which is an institution of great importance to the cultural and social life in Jerusalem and the State of Israel.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports considers this Center to be highly professional and of a high level, and the Center receives financial assistance from our Ministry.

For the first time since Israel`s establishment, we have a unique Center which includes the variety of Eastern Classical cultures in music and dance.

The Center ensures the preservation and distribution of the classical and cultural traditions of the East and Eastern Jews. It also promotes a more pluralistic society in Israel. It is our hope that through this establishment we can find a bridge to the Arab World, which will help us achieve peaceful relations.

I warmly recommend that those who support Jerusalem and Israel`s rich, cultural life, also extend their support to this Center, to enable it to thrive. It is our goal to preserve Eastern culture in music

and dance, as a large part of this culture does not exist in writing…"


The Minister of Education and Culture - Yitzchak Levi

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