The Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music 


The center was established in 1996 in Jerusalem to promote Middle Eastern classical music, and to create greater awareness and appreciation of this tradition in the general public, schools and media


The Center has three primary goals:


1. To preserve Middle Eastern cultural traditions.

2. To foster cultural pluralism in Israeli society.

3. To create a bridge for peace with the Arab world.


The centre is the only institution in the state of Israel to address the full range of Middle Eastern music traditions on an academic level. 



The curriculum of the Center offers a three-year course of study and summer courses in July as well, which includes:


1. Learning to play Middle Eastern instruments: Oud, Violin, Baglama,      Tar, Nei, Santur, Darbuka, Zarb and more.


2. Studying a variety of singing styles: Arab, Persian, Andalusian, Ladino and more.


3. Theoretical studies:
music theory, history of music, music appreciation, etc.


4. Participating in chamber ensembles.


5. Composition for advanced students: writing new works based on the fundamentals of classical Middle Eastern music including Arabic,             Persian, Indian, Turkish, Jewish, Greek and Flamenco cultures. 


Want to know more about our courses and our center? 

 Contact us on +972-2-6280779 or in the Contact form here and will be happy to send you more details. 







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